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Cyber security solutions
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Cyber Security Solutions


Cryptolab develops innovative Cryptographic Solutions that provide both high performance and high level of security. Our solutions provide secure data transactions and privacy that are cost-effective and easy to use. Cryptolab is a reliable partner for corporations and SME Company that are seeking greater security with no added IT investments.

We're secure

We use military encryption standards (AES-256bit) to secure your data.

We're trustable

Because your privacy is only in your hands, we don't touch your sensitive data.

We Are Reliable

Our systems are tested and controlled by Criss the EU center counter data frauds.

Application areas

health care
Advanced Cloud

CSE helps to patch an obvious gap storing data on Cloud preserving the confidentiality, the integrity and the privacy.

Advanced surveillance
Advanced surveillance

ASE allows monitoring functions in private areas putting the data available only to authorized.


Bio-Cryptoon allows to encrypt the Biometric data of the client in order to prevent the stolen of his Biometrical Data.

Counterterrorism solutions
Counterterrorism solutions

Cryptolab is able to set up new disruptive solutions to block the emergent terrorism in EU.

CSE Cryptocurrency
CSE Cryptocurrency

With our disruptive technology we manipulate data to enable privacy and security in the Blockchain process.

Health Care
Health Care

HealthCryptoon permits to transfer data to the cloud and for patients to have always their medical records on Cloud.

Do you want to power your services with our safety?

CSE (Crypto Search Engine)

Protecting and sharing your data anywhare it goes.


Secure internal and external file sharing across platforms and a completely end-to-end encryption

Fully controllable

Centralized administration for enterprise management for a fully control of the solution.

High performance

High performance encryption and search engine that can replace any existing (lower security) solution.

Protect your data

Protect / encrypt large amounts of data without slowing you down.


Encryption keys are owned, managed and stored only by the customer.


Thanks to the API developed can be easily integrated into existing systems.

Cloud secure

Eliminate unauthorized access and risk of exposure by removing the necessity to decrypt files to manage and search data in the cloud.

Friendly Support

Reduce IT support costs.

CSE® is a complete Crypto Search Engine for data security and privacy, for increased business productivity

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